Streets and Utilities

Managed by the Borough Streets Department

Public Sewer
Managed by the Borough Sewer Department

Public Water
Owned and operated by Pennsylvania American Water

Natural Gas / Electricity
In Pennsylvania, consumers can choose the company that generates their energy, also known as their supplier.  UGI is the natural gas distributor within the Borough.  PPL Electric Utilities is the distributor of electricity within the Borough.

Cable TV Franchise
Service Electric Cablevision has the franchise for for cable provided internet and television.

Streets Guidelines

Guidelines effective as of September 2019, updated January 2023.

As a courtesy to residents ONLY within the Borough Limits of Northumberland, the Borough Street Department provides brush collection service.

Brush will be picked up the 2nd full week of each month on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from April through October and after severe storms. Pick up days correspond with the No Parking ordinance.

Please follow the guidelines below. Failure to comply will result in your brush NOT being accepted for pickup. Please call the Borough Office at 570-473-3414 with any questions.

Routine Monthly Brush Pickup

Brush Must:

  1. Be placed curbside no sooner than the weekend before, or later than 7:00 AM on the pickup day (Wednesday).
  2. Be less than 4 feet long, no longer than 4 inches diameter; stacked neatly with butts all on one end.
  3. Originate from resident’s property ONLY.
  4. Weeds, sticks and twigs may be placed in an orderly pile or in an unlined can.
  5. Leaves and garden waste must be in biodegradable lawn and leaf bags.
  6. Duke Street brush must be placed on the corners.

Brush Must NOT:

  1. Be bagged. It will NOT be picked-up if it is in plastic bags.
  2. Include: stumps, vines, grass clippings, sod, thorns, briars, poison, roots or root balls.
  3. Be located where it restricts drainage such as in a gutter line or covering an inlet grate.
  4. Be located where it impedes vehicular and or walking traffic in the street or sidewalk.
  5. Include trash, nails, building materials, dirt or rocks.
  6. Be tied with string, twine, wire or any other material.
  7. Be left by a commercial tree removal or trimming company. If cut by one of these companies, it should remove it as part of their contract with the resident.
  8. Plants with PURPLE BERRIES will not be picked up. They stain everything.

*GRASS CLIPPINGS: Experts in lawn care recommend that clippings be left on the lawn to absorb back into the soil or composted with other natural yard waste. They will NOT pick up any grass clippings.

The amount of time spent at any one residence should not exceed 2 minutes. In that amount of time, the street department should be able to empty several cans or pick up a bundle of limbs. If you have a large amount of brush contact the Borough Office to make arrangements for pick-up.

Last Updated OnAugust 15, 2023

Northumberland Borough Street Department will begin leaf pickup as soon as 80% of the leaves have fallen. Pickup will follow the posted “No Parking”
schedule on the streets.

Please do not place leaves in bags or in the streets. Leaves
should be piled in the space between the sidewalk and curbs.

Last Updated On October 23, 2019

Snow Removal

Snow and ice must be removed from sidewalks within twenty-four (24) hours after the snow has fallen or the ice has formed.

The borough is permitted to remove snow or ice not removed by owner after 24 hours, and all costs will be billed to the property owner.

Snow may not be shoveled or placed upon any portion of any street except that portion of the street extending four (4) feet center-ward from the curb or from the edge of the paved portion of the street if there is no curb.

(Code Book Chapter 50, Article III)

Last Updated On October 22, 2019